My name is Maluhia

I live on the island of Kauai and make music that helps us connect to ourselves, our planet, and each other. As a freelance musician for over a decade, I have had the great privilege of meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories about their cultures, their food, and of course their music. These moments have inspired me to write and compose my own music about family, the environment, the feelings we share as people, and the things we can do to live a rich a fulfilling life.

My hope is that, like those who have enriched so much of my life with many wonderful shared experiences, my music can inspire others to feel more connected to themselves, to their family and friends, and to the world around us.


The Mission

Music helps to transcend the boundaries we make within ourselves and between each other.

Throughout my life music has brought me closer. Closer to the world around me, the people and musicians I have spent my life with, my family, and myself. Using music as a way to bridge the gap between being strangers and close friends can happen in an instant. From the moment a band takes the stage to the songs we sing along to at a moment’s notice. Wherever you may be I hope this music brings us all a little closer.

Let's work together

Connect with me for updates or to talk about working together on your next project.